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Preparing for launch: it's like prepping for a big party


When you are hosting a big party, your reputation is on the line and you want to make sure everything's just absolutely perfect and ready before the first guest show up. And that's exactly how I feel right now a few weeks before we push DealDivine into production and it officially becomes a live site.

Before the launch :: prepping for a big party

  • last minute "mini" features to add :: last minute idea to add mini egg rolls to the menu
  • formatting clean-up :: vacuuming the edges against the wall
  • setting up a list of friends we'll launch with :: setting up the party invite list
  • creating the email invites :: creating the evite (or Facebook event for you youngsters)
  • making sure we have enough deals to start :: making sure you have enough alcohol

Good thing I like looking for deals and buying alcohol :-) Totally excited to both launch the site and throw a big launch party!

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